A thorough process to connect keyword research to buying personas. Big brands are doing more of this and it does make sense for any sized company to emulate

(via The Persona-Driven Keyword Research Process | iPullRank)

Thanks to a new Twitter follower I just discovered this neat tool. It’s free to build an API

(via import.io | Free Structured Web Data Scraping Tool)

InAlign.com - Helping Businesses use Marketing Automation

An interesting concept, that from the initial read looks to be as if this company helps others understand which marketing automation could best help them gain the solutions they need. Is InAlign a group of experts on HubSpot, Marketo and SiteFinity? Could be worth exploring

Some handy tips to get you started with 5 tools. If you use an iPhone don’t forget to look into Instagram’s brand new Hyperlapse. It’s free and can make some tremendous impact to your visual content !

(via How to Get Started With Visual Content Marketing | Social Media Examiner)

Amazon acquires Twitch for more than $1 Billion

The purchase by Amazon of Twitch is after Google’s deal (interest?) fell through and it looks like a very savvy move to connect with the 50 million Gamers that actively & loyally interact with the site. 

This article sums up the investment very well - 


and here’s a few more links to how the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Re/Code view the purchase. http://tab.bz/1otwt

Y Combinator-Backed Traction Is A Marketplace Connecting Brands With Freelance Marketers. This looks like a good way to launch entrepreneurs
Facebook launches Analytics so App Developers using Facebook’s new analytics tools can see when they send someone to another app, when a user has arrived at their app from an App Link, and when someone returns to their app from another app.

Nice review of what works at the different levels/steps that most people go through as Content Marketers. Are you at Step 4?